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Catálogo Cosanse: Melocotón / Peach

General characteristics

Entire fruits, undamaged, with the typical colour of each variety. Yellow flesh.
Según la variedad desde el amarillo suave al rojo intenso.
From light yellow to high red (depending on their variety).
Generally firm, although it can be slightly melty in some varieties.

Packing specifications

Format confection
Kind of container
Basket 1 kg (2.20 lb.) Mesh10 baskets x 1 kgCarton 60x40x14
In bulk8 kgs (17,64 lbs) net/unit WWood 50x30x18
In box1 layer by caliberCarton 50x30x10 / 60x40x10
In box2 layers by caliberWood 50x30x15 / 50x30x18
Carton 60x40x17

Marketing calendars

Peach Marketing Calendar Cosanse

Peach Marketing Calendar Cosanse